Threes Productions is a creative agency committed to cultural sustainability that develops and promotes experimental projects in music and art with an ecologically conscious approach. It is a multidisciplinary platform driven by research and innovation, which activities span from the event production and curation, to the publishing of music and editorial content.

All projects are research-oriented and highly experimental, fueled by a desire to challenge cultural paradigms and inspire an ecological vision.

Primitive Art’s Shelter
Triennale, Milan, September 2020

Over the years, Threes Productions has conceived and collaborated on diverse projects, including musical and artistic curatorships for Pirelli HangarBicocca, MANIFESTA Palermo, Teatro Franco Parenti, MAXXI Roma, FOROF, Spazio Maiocchi, Fondazione Elpis and many more. Furthermore, Threes Productions is, together with Fondazione Tones on The Stones, the organizer of Nextones festival, and has recently launched the editorial project Terraforma Journal.

Terraforma Journal #2
, December 2021
Oira, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Italy, July 2022