Threes is a non profit organization committed to cultural sustainability. It was founded in 2012 in Milan with the belief that art and culture can generate virtuous circles of inclusion and environmental awareness. Along the years, Threes has promoted a rhizomatic cultural vision, through an interdisciplinary and inclusive approach.

Logo designed by Ignazio Mortellaro.
The trees are inspired by the iron sculptures of Giovanni Saint Just.

Threes’ most relevant project is Terraforma, an international music festival that has been held in the park of Villa Arconati since 2014. Terraforma reflects the cornerstones of Threes’ mission: sustainability as well as environmental, social, and cultural regeneration. Recently, Threes has begun to develop more projects, incuding Terraforma Simposio and Il Pianeta.

Immersive experiences of sharing through music, art and landscape.
Il Pianeta Milan 2021
Milan, October 2021
Terraforma Simposio 2021
Assab One, Milan, June 2021