Marta De Pascalis at Chiesa Rossa

Threes and Fondazione Prada presented Sky Flesh live, the latest project by young Italian musician and sound designer Marta De Pascalis. The live performance is part of a project lineup in which Threes and Fondazione Prada are collaborating on a series of musical events at the Church of Santa Maria Annunciata in Chiesa Rossa. Inside, the aisles come to life thanks to Untitled, an evocative light installation by American artist Dan Flavin, created by Fondazione Prada in 1997.
Marta De Pascalis’ solo works use analog synthesis and a tape-loop system to create patterns of repetition that shape a sense of dense, dynamic and cathartic distance. Her sound touches a wide range of electronic music genres, including ambient, early Berlin School excursions, psychedelia, and tape music. Sky Flesh (2023) is Marta De Pascalis’ latest project, released with Light-Years, label of renowned Italian composer Caterina Barbieri. Sky Flesh was created using exclusively the Yamaha CS-60 analog synthesizer, similar to the CS-80 that Greek composer Vangelis used to create the iconic soundtrack for Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982) film.

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