FUJI​|​|​|​|​|​||​|​|​|​|​TA at Chiesa Rossa

Threes and Fondazione Prada present the performance of FUJI​|​|​|​|​|​||​|​|​|​|​TA, for the sixth concert at the Church of Santa Maria Annunciata in Chiesa Rossa. FUJI​|​|​|​|​|​||​|​|​|​|​TA’s sound art and music draw inspiration from various natural phenomena, reflecting his deep fascination with exploring sounds and noises never heard before. In 2009 the Japanese composer handcrafted an original instrument: an eleven-pipe organ without a traditional keyboard. He conceived this unique instrument solely through his imagination, without any specialized knowledge, with the intent of creating a soundscape rather than a conventional musical instrument.

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