Terraforma is an international music festival dedicated to artistic experimentation and sustainability. The three-day event takes place since 2014, in the garden of Villa Arconati, a historical villa near Milan.

The lined up artists range from early innovators and genre precursors to  promising talents of the experimental music scene, defined for an ever evolving approach to active and creative research.

Choosing sustainability as the festival’s modus operandi – through the maintenance of Villa Arconati’s park – the aim is to discover new sustainable resources and to reduce the environmental impact.

A series of site-specific concerts geared to provide a musical getaway to some of the most interesting location of the Italian cultural heritage. The aim is to create a dialogue between the involved spaces and performances, giving birth to unique combinations.

The collaborations and curatorships envisage a contribution to projects for public and private institutions, setting Threes as a consultant.

In this case the site specific component is applied to the development of locations which are already soaked with a cultural background; the offer of musical experimentation recaptures the context’s roots, conceiving cutting edge links with the avant-garde of electronic music.

Charlemagne Palestine, surrounded by his softoys, playing the piano at The Shit Museum; Tranceparenti: a dialogue between classical and electronics for the Fondazione Pierlombardo of Teatro Franco Parenti and the residency-mini festival Musica Veneta for the Fondo Ambientale Italiano are some examples.

Developing projects with companies is an incentive both for growth and creative development, fuelled by the will of finding an added value for all the subjects involved.

Whiskey & Dischi was born in 2010 after a listening session between friends in a living room in Berlin. The spontaneous sharing of records and glasses of whiskey has been interpreted for Jameson Irish Whiskey, revitalizing the idea of the musical living room and enabling a wider audience to participate.

For Carhartt WIP, Threes achieved the Dummy Tent, a stage-tent used in two site specific events in Rome and Milan where the iconic Killasan Soundsystem has been brought to Italy for the first time.