Terraforma is an experimental and sustainable music festival, combining artists devoted to musical research with the reinterpretation of the 18th century garden of Villa Arconati.

The artists range from early innovators and genre precursors to young and promising talents of the experimental music scene, defined for an ever evolving approach to active and creative research.

Choosing sustainability as the festival’s modus operandi, through the maintenance of Villa Arconati’s park, this site-specific sonic experimentation happens within the frame of a new festival dimension, fed by the dialogue and exchange among the participants and the surroundings.

Lectures and workshops beside the music program, the campsite and the local market food, define the unique “Terraforming Experience” discover more: www.terraformafestival.com

Musica Veneta is a project curated by Threes and produced by FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano within the framework of the renaissance-style Villa dei Vescovi.

The project developed as a few days residency with the techno-jazz ensemble Upperground Orchestra.
The musicians: Alvise Seggi, Tommaso Cappellato, Piero Bittolo Bon and leader Rabih Beaini, focused their permanence at the Villa on the reinterpretation of the traditional Venetian repertoire from the Canzoniere Popolare Veneto of the Sixties.
The music was finally presented live on a futuristic live concerti settled the last night of the residency at the 16th century Villa, located in the province of Padova. Two gems of the Italian cultural heritage – Canzoniere and Villa dei Vescovi – were hence presented in contemporary shapes, allowing the past to speak through the present.

Tranceparenti launches Bagni Misteriosi, the reopening of "Centro Balneare Caimi". Produced by Teatro Franco Parenti and curated by Threes. The project featured Lorenzo Senni and Craig Leon.

Forty elements of the Orchestra Milano Classica lead by Michele Fedrigotti, challenged gravity performing on a floating platform and paraphrasing in an atypical milieu Lorenzo Senni’s pointillistic trance, rearranged by Francesco Fantini.

The combination of different architectural and musical codes aims to harmonize remembrance and innovation by dislocating genres and spaces awash.

Terraforming Heaven is a site-specific concert with Japanese iconic band Boredoms for the permanent installation "The Seven Heavenly Palaces 2004-2015" by Anselm Kiefer at Milan's Pirelli HangarBicocca.

The sacral mysticism of the seven towers is enriched by the musical ritual of the Boredoms. The band is among the greatest sound experimenters and visionaries of the past decades.

For the special occasion they’ve arrived in Milan a few days before to prepare the concert, which was performed on a 360 stage surrounded by the public and facing the Installation.

There was a feeling of being part of a unique occurrence, an evocative musical experience ranging from psychedelic euphoria and tribal frenzy to gloomy cosmic laments, saturated with a dedication to its visual aspects which constantly overtook itself.